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The most popular program: Zuma Deluxe Deluxe
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We recommend: Acrophobia Ball 3 2.5
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Nostalgia Sim Baseball 6.5.5 by Nostalgia Sim Baseball
Nostalgia Simulation Baseball is a powerful baseball simulation game designed for baseball enthusiasts.
CheatBook-DataBase 2021 is a freeware "cheat-code tracker" that makes hints and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Nintendo 64, DVD, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Xbox 360, XGamecube, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo).
The Prince On The Iron Horse 1.0 by Falco Software Company
This game is a mixture of roguelike and puzzle. This is a great choice if you want to enjoy something simple and engaging in a cozy evening. Enjoy pumping weapons, try your luck and dominate the game physics.
Apple Maniacs 7.0 by Falco Software Company
Apple Maniacs sports a colorful design in the genre of Tower Defense. Apple preserves the workers that are under threat. Barbara and the demons came to the unprotected field to destroy them. Build defensive towers and collect what you need to develop
Sctt 3.0 by Falco Software Company
Game Name: SPACE CUP TABLE TENNIS (SCTT) - Space Cup in Table Tennis. The rules are simple. A yellow strip of fortune can be seen along the table. For every 5 goals scored, you win and move to the next stage. After a goal is scored or an error, a "wh
Galaxy Peregrine 1.1 by Falco Software Company
Galaxy Peregrine is a fast-paced scrolling shooter in the best traditions of the genre. Don't miss enemy ships and don't let your own destroy. Collect bonuses to repair the ship and restore the defense line. Protect the galaxy with the most powerful
Bloodied Dimension 1.4 by Falco Software Company
Having found an ancient map, you go in search of an ancient temple. The temple is hidden from prying eyes high in the mountains. As soon as you stepped into its territory, the gate closed behind you. This place is full of pitfalls and dangers. As it
Weak Wood Throne 2.5 by Falco Software Company
WeakWood Throne is an open world 2D action RPG. In the story you have to find out what happened in the kingdom of Wickwood; why its inhabitants become poorer every day, and animal soldiers roam their fields; what is wrong with the new king, and how
Nano Ninjas 7.1 by Falco Software Company
Run away from a black tiger to save your life. Break, jump over, slide under and dodge obstacles for a non-stop run. You are the perfect little ninja in the universe!